Slow fashion and Covid lifestyle.

Survivre au Covid

The start of March 2020 saw the world enter a lockdown that threatened many businesses and jobs. With very little warning, many businesses had to adapt and change how they do business. These changes resulted in losses for many businesses and changed the way we do business forever.

The rise of COVID-19 has brought many challenges to ecoafriq. This pandemic has tested the limits of our strengths and we have to adapt to ever changing lifestyle conditions for our wellbeing and business to thrive.

Our earths resources are limited and it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in renewable materials.

Circular fashion can have a positive impact on our social environment and help educate us all on the impacts of fashion production and consumption!

The way products are used is just as important as the way they are made. Once products have reached the end of their usable life they turn into resources, used to manufacture new products. The goal is to extend products lifetime and reuse all materials producing little to no waste.

The textile industry extracts resources from our planet in environmentally toxic ways, to create garments that are only worn a few times before sitting in landfill for hundreds of years. Circular fashion is focused on materials being used over and over, rather than discarded. The earth’s resources are not infinite supply.
ecoafriq bags and accessories are made using carefully selected materials that work with nature NOT against!

Upcycled messenger bag

Cork leather , Sugar cane, Upcycled materials and Sisal fibres are some of the materials we use to make our bags and accessories. We produce fashion that takes our tomorrow into account- Not just today. Consumer attitudes towards organic and recycled materials are changing. How we shop affects our environment and our wellbeing. It’s important to shop for fashion made with organic and recycled materials.

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The hard work continues. Making things with our hands encourages the craftsmanship spirit and sustainability within the team. We are looking forward to making new products and sharing our creativity with the world. We are a team of 40 artisans and we urgently need you’re help.

We are running a competition to raise awareness about ecoafriq and attract support. We joined  to raise funds to continue our work. The plan is to grow ecoafriq’s membership, a community of people who we can share with our vision for a sustainable lifestyle and our ideas and designs for healthier fashion choices. 

Winners will be announced 02 September 2021 and we will give away earphones with ecoafriq logo to a 100 of our patreons. For a chance to win one of a 100 pairs of Ecoafriq’s earphones, all you have to do is:

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Winners will be announced Thursday 02 September 2021 and contacted via social media and email to confirm their delivery address.

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